Artist Corner

Local Creative Talent

Yellowknife is home to a thriving artistic community whose works span a multitude of different styles and traditions. The Northern Frontier VIsitors' Association is proud to work with local artists and to provide a venue where they can sell and present their work. The Artist's Corner is a small display space that allows local artists the opportunity to display their work on a monthly basis. We also carry pieces from many local artists in both of our gift shop locations.


Taiga Borealis Glassworks

Hay River resident George Low sandblasts wine, drink and other glass objects with northern art.


Phone ahead to visit shop 9am - 8pm

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Wilfred Joey Klein

Wilfred Joey Klein is a Fort Simpson-based painter and recent winner of the Canadian Mental Health Association's national Thank-you card contest held in 2014.

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Debra Anthony

Debra Anthony is a landscape painter who is originally from Newfoundland but has lived in the north for the past three years. Her work is available for sale at the Yellowknife Airport Giftshop.

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John Rombough

Chipewyan Dene artist John Rombough was born in the remote community of Sioux Lookout in Northern Ontario, Canada. At the age of three, John was adopted by Carol and Lyall Rombough, a Prince Edward Island couple. He attributes his early interest in drawing and painting to being raised in their giving and artistic environment.

As a young adult, John began the search for his birth parents. He discovered his biological father, Alfred Catholique, living in the tiny community of Lutselk'e on the shores of Great Slave Lake in Canada's pristine Northwest Territories. Warmly welcomed by all the Catholique family, John decided to move to the community in order to rediscover his cultural identity.

John Rombough's painting style has since changed to reflect the harmony of the Dene people and the natural world. His distinctive modern aboriginal designs also encompass his own personal visions and strong connection with nature. Paintings that communicate to all nations, through visual interpretation, brilliantly mixed colours are transferred onto canvas, sending out a message of compassion and respect.

As John works toward creating original pieces, Ceremonial Drum Songs flow through his thoughts, songs that represent Dene teachings and spiritual way of life. Sacred teachings past down from ancestors through his visions inspire John to live a healthy creative lifestyle. Honoring the ancestors teachings; respect self, respect people and respect the land.

John Rombough is recognized as a role model throughout the NWT and takes his role very seriously. His paintings are instrumental in conveying a message to the youth, a message of encouragement, leadership, strength, will power and determination.

New cultural discoveries continue to provide him with an inexhaustible resevoir of ideas to put to canvas. John's paintings are increasingly well received by collectors and corporations alike.

- See more at:

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Fauna Boreali

Local naturalist and photographer, whose art cards are available at the Visitor Centre and Airport Gift shops.

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Sheila Hodgkinson

Sheila Hodgkinson is a Yellowknife based artist. Her work often has a arctic theme and includes paintings from scenes around yellowknife and the north. 

Friday 6 - 10 

Saturday 12 - 4

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Dolls of the North

Brenda Penny is a doll maker from British Columbia, currently living in Hay River, NWT.  Each doll is crafted to represent the unique people Brenda meets in the North. The dolls are available for sale at the Yellowknife Airport Giftshop.

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Velma Ongahak

Artist from Yellowknife featuring sewing and zipper pulls

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Mother Earth Rocks

Danny Hudson, lifelong northerner and carver, specializes in stone and bone. Laura Love creates rose peddle beads and black beads from recycled carving dust. A unique style of jewelry and carvings are available for display and sale at their Old Town home and studio, located at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and McDonald Drive (3608 Franklin Avenue).

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Aurora Holistic Health Services

Painting, printing, photography. Traditional arts.

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Caitlin Lacey Bottle Art

Using wine or liquor bottles, jars, or other glass food or beverage containers and turning them into a medium for their art, Moira and Caitlin offer a wide selection enhanced bottles.  The bottles can be used simply as decoration, but many have practical uses as well:  candle holders, vases; or containers for dried foods, bath salts, potpourri, buttons, and so on.

With a variety of different paints, Caitlin decorates her bottles with simple yet elegant designs and images.  Especially popular are her pieces with a Northern theme: Inukshuks, Northern Lights, and a variety of flora and fauna.  Caitlin also transforms ordinary used light bulbs into delicately painted Christmas decorations.

Moira likes to use either macramé or crochet to enhance her bottles.  The more oddly shaped the bottle, the more Moira enjoys the challenge of creating intricate patterns of string to highlight the bottle's colour and shape.  Moira makes other crochet & macramé collectibles like shawls and afghans, Christmas decorations, jewellery, and her own unique creations: cup cozies and water bottle insulators.

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Celtarctic Music

Ceilidh Friends met at a "House Ceilidh" or song circle in Canada's northern capital of Yellowknife in early 1990. Finding they had a lot in common, both musically and politically, the foursome began practicing regularly.  Their first performances were at anti-Gulf war protests in 1991.

Since then, the group has played at many Northern venues including the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, Folk on the Rocks Music Festival, and CBC North Radio in Yellowknife; Great Northern Music Festival and other events in Inuvik; Midway Lake Music Festival, and Fort Smith Friendship Festival.

Ceilidh Friends received the first of two NWT Arts Council grants in 1993 to record their first album, "Yellowknife Evening".  In 1995, they released their second album of Yuletide songs.  Their second NWT Arts Council grant was awarded in 2004 for their latest project - an album of war and anti-war songs (still in production).

Other career highlights include an appearance on Peter Gzowski’s national CBC Radio program, “Morningside;” performances during Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Yellowknife; three NWT Aurora Awards for performing excellence; and showcases at the North American Folk Alliance conferences in Toronto and Vancouver.

In the summer of 2005 Ceilidh Friends was very excited and honoured to be one of only two Northern acts chosen to perform as part of the cultural program at the Canadian pavilion at EXPO 2005 in Aichi, Japan.

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Northern Images

Northern Images supports and promotes northern artists and their products by marketing Inuit and Dene art and crafts in galleries located in Churchill and Yellowknife.

Northern Images is the retail art marketing arm of Arctic Co-operativs Limited, a service organization owned and controlled by 31 community-based, multi-purpose co-operatives in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Arctic Co-operatives Limited is dedicated to providing services and business development opportunities to communities throughout Canada's north. The Co-ops are independently owned and controlled Inuit and Dene businesses, operating retail facilities, hotels, cable operations, construction, outfitting, arts and crafts production and property rentals.

These galleries offer an EXCEPTIONAL selection of: sculptures, prints, books, traditional handmade crafts, giftware, jewelry, and apparel.

Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm

Sat 12am - 6pm

Sun Closed

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Louisia Nitsiza

Tlicho artist from Whati

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Lena-Kopiona Danielsen

Born in 1932 in a snow house on the shore of the arctic ocean, Lena is a self-taught artist who began to sew when she was only nine years old. The first item she ever created was a pair of mini mukluks (traditional hide mocassins), and since then she has gone on to create many unique and beautiful pieces of traditional clothing.

Lena works exclusively with traditionally-tanned hides, and does not use any commercially-tanned hide in her clothing.

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Arctic Canada Trading Company

Arctic Canada Trading Co. Ltd. (a subsiduary of NWT Business Development and Investment Corporation) was established in 1992 to market and sell arts and crafts products from the NWT. Presently mandated to market subsidiaries, the products promoted include birch bark baskets, soap stone carvings, musk ox leather products and knit fur garments and products.

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Don Antoine

Don Antoine is a local first nations carver who specializes in using indigenous materials such as moose and caribou bone/antler. He was born and raised in the north, originating from Fort Simpson but currently making his home in Yellowknife. He is self-taught, and used a variety of different drilling, coloring and smoothing techniques to create pieces which are striking and unique.

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Marin Goodliffe

Martin Goodlife is a Northern Canadian jeweller and artist. He makes his home in Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories. He has for many years worked at a variety of jobs across the high arctic, in communities such as: Sachs Harbour, Cambridge Bay, and Inuvik, all the while persuing his interests as a Northern artist, teaching arctic jewellery making, and spokes person for the Arctic Experience.

For nearly a decade, Marin has persued a variety of arts programming, studies, teaching assignmnets, and participated in exhibitions. He is a member of a number of major Northern arts associations, the Aurora Society, the Artists of the South Slave, and the Yellowknife Artists Guild. He has participated on a regular basis at the Open Sky Festival, National Aboriginal Day Celebrations, and repeatedly at the Great Northern Arts Festival. His presence at the Great Northern Arts Festival has been significant, having repeatedly taken The People's Choice Award for Best Artist, and the Artist's Choice Award for Best of Show. His work, his dedication to his craft, and his gracious outgoing manner have won the respect of his peers and the appreciation of the public.

Nearly a decade ago Martin decided to commit his energies fully to jewellery making in the Canadian arctic. He took it upon himself to enroll in the Arctic College's "Jewellery and Metal working" program, graduating with honors, his work speaks fully to the arctic experience, employing a broad range of Northern motifs for his jewellery designs, and incorporating a wealth of indigenous Northern materials such as Yellowknife gold, Yukon mammoth ivory, walrus ivory, fossilized materials from the Arctic Ocean, musk-ox horn, caribou antler, and buffalo horn.

All of this is not suprising, as Martin is directly descended from one of Canada's greatest artists of the last century, the painter Emily Carr, who was Martin's father's great aunt. He regularily is asked to demonstrate his craft at special events.

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Pauline Williah

Pauline Williah is a traditional beadwork artist who was originally born and taught in Behchoko, NT, but now makes Yellowknife her home. She operated a successful craft store in the Centre Square Mall.

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Gustin Adjun

Gustin Adjun is an accomplished fiddler who recently released his first fiddle CD “Gusting Winds”.  From Kugluktuk Nunavut, 18 year old Gustin Adjun’s lifestyle consists of hunting, trapping and further to pursuing his education.

Inspired and encouraged by his father Colin Adjun renowned Fiddler of the Arctic and a three time recording fiddle artist himself. He taught Gustin the guitar and fiddle at a very early age, by eleven years old he was playing alongside him on stage. The pair have travelled and performed at many festivals and events across the north and have inspired other young upcoming fiddlers. In Gustin’s free time, he surrounds himself with other musicians and looks forward to his future gigs.

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Natacha Kreuger Rewega

Art is a beautiful thing.

To many, being artistic is a gift that few selected people have.

To me, the ability to be artistic is in everyone. We just need to get it out and love what comes of it!


My paintings reflect my life.

My dreams, my favourite moments spent with my family.

They are the birds that come and visit us, and the one's that we go visit.

My beautiful days spent at the beach 

and so many more.


I paint to release all the images that create them self in my mind.


The way i view the beauties in nature are far from realistic. My way of painting reflects my view of this world...  Simplicity and colourful.


I am honored when people relate to one of my paintings. They are sharing a moment of my life with me.


I hope one day everyone can see this beautiful world the way i see it.


Please feel free to email me.




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Acho Dene Native Crafts

Acho Dene Native Crafts began operations in 1976 as a project of the Government of the Northwest Territories and still operates as a Subsidiary of the Northwest Territories Business Development and Investment Corporation. 

Over 40 cottage producers living in the community produce the products sold by the store. These products are made using a blend of ancestral techniques and themes with traditional and modern materials to make birch bark baskets, jewellery, moccasins, mittens, mukluks and other souvenirs.

The business also staffs and maintains a tourist kiosk for the Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Industry, Tourism and Investments in its Fort Liard store.

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Jennifer Buckley

My name is Jennifer Buckley.  I was born and raised in the fishing village community of Hay River which is known as West Channel.  My family history has gone back generations in the fishing industry.  My whole life and family today is still surrounded in the fishing community and this closeness with 'fish' has brought me to my new found love of 'Fish Art'.  My creations are made with 100% fish products.  Nothing from a fish gets wasted as all the remnants of a fish once it has been filleted is what I use for my one of a kind art pieces.  The center of the flower is the spine (vertebrae), the stems are the bones, and the petals are the scales!  Please feel free to browse the photos on my facebook page 'Aboriginal Fish Scale Art'.  Thank you. - See more at:

You can find her work on facebook at

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Kwon O Chul

Kwon O Chul is an astrophotographer; a specialist in night-time photography of celestial phenomenon. His beautiful photographs can be viewed on his website at

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Gallery of the Midnight Sun

Established in 1998, Gallery of the Midnight Sun is the NWT's largest gallery and gift shop offering fine arts and crafts from across the North. Located in Yellowknife's historic Old Town in a traditional trading post style setting, we also carry a wide selection of outerwear, northern apparel, books, souvenirs, giftware, furs and craft supplies. In additional we offer a fine selection of Canadian diamonds and jewelry. Diamond polishing demonstrations and cream catcher workshops are available by appointment. More than just a place to shop, Gallery of the Midnight Sun is an authentic northern experience.

Mon to Sat 10 - 6

Sun 12 - 5

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Nick MacIntosh

Artist from Yellowknife with a focus on painting northern landscape scenes and portraits. His work has doned many art exhibits around town and his acrylic paintings can be spotted on phone book and magazine covers. Currently on sale at the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre - Strange Range T-Shirts ... own a peice of the 'Strange Range'!

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Debbie Camsell

Local Yellowknife artist whose work is available at the Northern Frontier Visitor's Centre - custom orders - moccasins, slippers - aboriginal decorative art - adults and children.

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Indio Saravanja

Argentine born, Arctic Canada raised, Indio Saravanja is a poetic songwriter, talented multi-instrumentalist, and adventurous composer, whose poignant, honest words cut to the bone. A dynamic performer who charms the crowd with his candid and often humorous tales, he is an also an exciting musician - solo or with a band, acoustic or electric.

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Northern Ink Limited

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Charissa Alain-Lilly

I have been creating all of my life, as a craftsperson as well as an artist and writer.  As an artisan, I enjoy creating both beautiful and practical items, and will spend many hours engaged in the design process in an effort to achieve just the right look for a piece.

I like the simplicity and warmth created by using natural materials such as feathers, antler, bone, horn, shell, smoke-tanned hide, fur, porcupine quills, and silverberry seeds.  To this, I often like to add a touch of elegance by combining modern materials such as Swarovski crystals, brocade ribbon, silk, velvet, fabric paint, or beads, to create a distinctive look. 

My work features many one-of-a-kind pieces, and includes jewelry, hair ornaments, purses, pouches, belts, mittens, hats, footwear, blankets, clothing and other accessories.

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Clear Sky Jewellery

Anne Whittaker of Clear Sky Jewellery creates beautiful fused glass jewellery, which represents the mystery of the Aurora Borealis, from her home based studio in Yellowknife. - See more at:

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Veronica Gargan

Veronica Gargan is a self-taught artist from Fort Providence who specializes in quill-work. She hand-crafts both beaded and quilled earrings, and her work is sometimes available at the Discover North Gift Shop at the Yellowknife Airport.

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The Quilted Raven

The Quilted Raven is a quilting shop specializing in fabric, supplies and notions. They also do workshops for all skill levels, sell fabricand small souvenirs

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Pelagic Word & Sound

I’ve been involved in music all my life, but taking on the persona and challenges of a solo artist has been a recent development. It started in early 2005 at an open mic in Inuvik and, after stints as a player of bass guitar, harmonica, and piano in various bands, I decided to focus on the singer-songwriter mode. If it wasn’t so ungainly, I’d use the term “seer-singer-songwriter-composer-performer-story-teller-multi-instrumentalist“, but let’s just stick with ‘singer-songwriter’ for now.

Yellowknife has been my home since January 2008, and it is a wonderful creativity incubator. I particularly value the performance opportunities offered by the festivals, bars and cafés that cater to live music and the constructive criticism and training that many musicians and other artists have shared. An independent musicians residency at the Banff Centre was a huge boost, as was funding from the Northwest Territories Arts Council.

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Annette Poitras

Annette was born in Port Colborne, Ontario, but now calls Yellowknife, NT her home since the fall of 1976. She is an emerging jewellery artist who makes one-of-a-kind jewellery.  She works with caribou and moose antler, muskox and bison horn, mammoth ivory and mammoth tooth, fossilized coral, porcupine quills and feathers in collaboration with semi-precious gemstones, pearls, seeds, shells, leather and recycled leather, sterling silver and copper. Annette has been creating art since she was a child. She credits her mother as being an accomplished seamstress, and her grandfathers and uncles as wood carvers. She has always been creative and enjoys using items that are thought to be useless, and making them into something useful.

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Snowfly is a line of wearable aboriginal fur art and prints, created by northern artists Cheryl Fennell. Bio to be updated; check back soon!

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Wesley Hardisty

Traditional fiddler from Fort Simpson, NWT

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Janine Olifie

Local artisan Janine Olifie specializes in northern couture and clothing. Her art is available through the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre, the Discover North Gift Shop, or by contacting her personally.

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Tlicho Online Store

The Tlicho Online Store was the idea of the Tlicho Government and the Tlicho Community Services Agency to promote awareness of the Tlicho culture and peoples. To advance, foster, encourage and promote the cultural and social interests of the Tlicho People to rest of Canada. The Tlicho Online Store Official opened online on August 31, 2008. The Tlicho Online Store is under the care and conrol of the Tlicho Investment Corporation which is owned by the Tlicho Government for the Tlicho people.

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JJ Wedzin

JJ Wedzin is an up-and-coming painter from Behchoko NWT, whose works have already attracted notice in spite of his very young age. He is the son of James Wedzin, a painter who is well-known throughout the NWT.

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Sharon Anne Firth Jewellery

Sharon Anne Firth of the Gwich’in First Nation grew up traditionally with her family - hunting, trapping and fishing in Aklavik in the Mackenzie Delta of the Northwest Territories. As a four-time Olympian, Sharon has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Japan. She continues to champion her causes: education, fitness, traditional and healthy lifestyles. Her activism has resulted in her membership into the prestigious Order of Canada, and she is also a very proud recipient of a National Aboriginal Achievement Award. As a result of these experiences, Sharon’s unique jewellery fuses her rich traditional upbringing with today’s complexity of fashion. Sharon strongly believes that every woman should feel beautiful, feminine and strong.

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Minnie Watsyk

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James Wedzin


James is a Tåîchô artist fromBehchokö, NT. He was born and raised by his grandmother in the community of Behchokö, Northwest Territories. James praises his grandmother for inspiring and encouraging his early interest in traditional art. He watched her intricate bead work endlessly and developed his own sense of style in Art.

He started at age four and by age fourteen his talents developed to the point that his art work was a demand. He started selling his creations and became a full-time artist.

Today, you can find James work in galleries and in the hands of many private collectors. James is on of the better known aboriginal artists in Canada for his Northern landscapes, animal imagery and Northern lights.

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Bernice Beaulieu

Bernice Beaulieu is a lifelong northerner and artists, specializing in couture, embroidery, beadwork and traditional northern clothing. Her work is sometimes available through the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre or Discover North Gift Shop, or by contacting her directly.

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Chasing Light Studio

Chasing Light Studio is a photography studio and creative video production house. We offer high quality commercial, family and wedding photography.

Mon to Fri 9 - 5

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Write Nature

Write Nature is a British Columbia based creative writing business owned by George (EG) Mercer. For more than three decades, George worked as a national park warden in Canada, including work in six national parks on both east and west coasts, the North and the Rocky Mountains. George continues to be passionate about parks and protected areas and this passion forms the backdrop for much of his writing, including both creative non-fiction and fiction found at this site as well as non-fiction, found at Thanks for visiting.

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Jimmy Sangris

Jimmy Sangris creates high-quality dreamcatchers from authentic and indigenous materials including moose-hide, sinew, and feathers from local birds. He creates several different sizes of dream-catchers, as well as dream catcher earrings. These are among the most authentic and high-quality dreamcatchers available in the north, and can be purchased from the Northern Frontier Visitors' Centre Gift Shop and Airport Gift Shop.

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Leela Gilday

A passionate singer/songwriter and soulful performer, Leela Gilday has a voice that comes straight from the heart.  Confessing her stories to her audiences with a gutsy voice and open stage presence, Gilday weaves her experiences as a northerner, a member of the Dene nation, and a traveler into a beautiful world that transports the listener.

With four full-length recordings and a long touring history, Gilday has numerous awards to her credit, including a Juno, two Western Canadian Music Awards, Aboriginal Female Entertainer of the Year to name a few.  Above all, she seeks connection with her audiences through music, and with each record brings more unique stories to the world. Whether it’s an anthem for the oppressed, or an upbeat song about mortality, she infuses her songs with a sense of humour as well as a sense of social justice, and an ironic appreciation of human folly.

Based out of Yellowknife, NT, Leela has toured festivals and concert halls with her four-piece band through every province and territory in Canada. She has also played internationally in several countries including Japan, US, Greenland, Denmark, and New Zealand.  Her live shows, and many appearances on television and radio have earned her an important place in the Aboriginal music scene, as well as a loyal mainstream following.

Her new record “Heart of the People” (fall 2014) resonates with the heartbeat of the earth and the connection we all have to it as human beings.

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Dene Fur Clouds Ltd.

With the history of their people, the Dene ladies of Fort Providence use this as an inspiration to create clothing from furs to keep it in their culture and as part of their tradition. The clothing is created from fur. Being inspired of the past and the heritage of the people, the ladies thus created a line called Ek’o (watch out). A modern version of finger-weaving is used to create the garments which have been on international runways of the world, using knitting machines. The ladies are looking to the past for help in creating a future for our community.

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Violet Martin

Artist from Ndilo and Yellowknife. Specializes in beadwork, embriodery, hide drums, traditional clothing, and hide tanning. Her work is for sale at the Gallery of the Midnight Sun.

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Frozen Rock Studio

Frozen Rock Studio has upwards of eight artists, focusing in different mediums, from different cultural backgrounds.

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Old Town Glassworks

Yellowknife Glass Recyclers Cooperative limited (YGR.Coop) is a workers cooperative dedicated to the transformation of bottles into glass art. In 1994, Matthew Grogono developed an innovative technique, to cut bottles, grind rims and polish vessels into beautiful glassware; with smooth brims, that feel wonderful in your hand.

Our glassware is available in a variety of colours, designs, and vessels including glasses, candle lanterns, bowls, vases and special awards.

Mon to Fri 10am - 6pm

Sat and Sun 12am - 5pm

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Gail Ann Raddi

Gail Ann was born and raised in Inuvik and has always been interested in arts and crafts. As a young girl, she would sit and watch elders sew and bead. When she started kindergarten, she would hang out with the language teacher because she did a lot of sewing. At the age of six, her auntie made her help make her own parka. Gail remembers thinking it was so ugly, she cried and said she never wanted to sew again. But Gail continued to spend time with the elders and help them with simple tasks like tracing patterns. She really started to take arts and crafts seriously at the age of 18 when she was pregnant with her first child and had the opportunity to spend a lot of time sewing clothing for her unborn baby. In 2001, Gail-Ann took a jewelry-making course at Aurora College and in 2003 she took a Traditional Arts course at the college as well. After that making art became a way of life and her primary source of income. Today, Gail-Ann embroiders, beads, sews with northern fur and makes traditional clothing. She started teaching sewing about six years ago and is passionate about passing her knowledge on. A special thank you goes out to Gail's mentor, Jessie Colton in Inuvik, for always supporting and encouraging her with her arts & crafts and traditional stories throughout the years.


Her art can be purchased through the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Craft Store (click the website link).

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Dennis Kenny

Hailing from the shores of Great Bear Lake in the community of Deline, Dennis Kenny's paintings capture the stark beauty of northern fauna and flora.

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Fran Hurcomb Photography

 Fran Hurcomb specializez in images of Canada's Northwest Territories and has an large collection of photos taken over more than 30 years. She has recently published a beautiful book of full-color photographs of Yellowknife's Old Town which is available at the Northern Frontier Visitors Centre gift shop, the Airport Gift Shop and the Yellowknife Book Cellar. She is available to take photos in the Yellowknife area as well as farther afield. Her photos may be seen at Down to Earth Gallery in Old Town. For information on rates or to purchase existing photos, please contact Fran directly.

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HallArtist YK

Andrew Hall is a local artist who specializes in ink-based drawings and has been featured on the cover of Edge YK Magazine.

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Dolly Metchooyeah

Baskets are made from Birch bark trees. Artisans carefully peel the bark from the tree. Please note that peeling does not cause any harm to the tree. Artisans also use moose or caribou hair tufting to make designs on Basket. Dolly Metchooyeah is a Dene from Northern Alberta. She grew up near Meander River and lives today in Chateh Ab.

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Michele Meckling

Michelle has been creating art for as long as she can remember; starting out with kids furniture in addition to other arts and crafts. She has developed Northern Christmas balls for the last 10 years, and continues to work with any sort of glass. Michelle loves to try new ideas and likes to create unique art by using materials that are not primarily art based.

Artist Story

I consider myself to be mainly a crafter. I mainly make Christmas ornaments with different northern designs. It’s so nice to know that the ornaments have made it around the world. I think the child at heart in all of us is what draws people to them.

I also enjoy painting children’s furniture, paper crafts, and I guess you could say I just enjoy looking at an object and thinking about what I can create with it. 

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Scottie Kasook

Scottie Kasook was born and raised in Inuvik, NT. He is a self-taught, left-handed artist who began drawing in his early teenage years. Scottie does his art in his spare time in between hunting and raising his children.

Scottie's art focuses primarily on wilderness scenes, wildlife, and hunting (both traditional and modern-day). Some of Scottie's work features humor as well as a little twist on reality, such as the polar bear and beluga hunting the hunter.

Scottie also uses muskrat stretchers (wood used to stretch the hides of muskrats) to draw on, paying tribute to time spent on the land.

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Julien Le Guen Photography

Julien Le Guen is a photographer who creates postcards of the beautiful aurora that can be seen around Yellowknife. His postcards can be purchased at the Northern Frontier Visitors' Centre or at the Yellowknife Airport Gift Shop.

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Lucy Kay

Lucy Kay is from Fort McPherson NWT and is currently living in Yellowknife while taking courses at Aurora College for social work studies. She has been beading sicne the age of 8. Her speciality is beaded crafts on moose hide and includes a wide range of products, including cardholders, keychains, hair ties, baby slippers, and beaded necklaces. 

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JAMmed Studio

Jessica has a bachelors in Illustration from ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design). She and Jillian Mazur are the recent winners of the Northwestel Phone Book Competition. 

Jessica believes in having serious art fun when it comes to teaching. After her hearty years of school and her home spun training she knows that color theory is a central ingredient to learning how to paint and how shape can bring out the best in block prints.

She provides a comfortable and non-judgmental environment where people can find their own artistic voice and just have a good time.

JAMmed Studio: 
JAMmed Studio is situated in a small cabin. It has an old Town Yellowknife ambience and mainly features original acrylic landscapes by Jessica A. McVicker.
This gallery is a place where people can meet the artist and take regular art classes and workshops. 

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday: 12-5pm
Wednesday: 12-5pm
Thursday: 12-5pm
Friday: 12-5pm
Saturday: 12-5pm

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Maddy Tetreault's Northern Inspired Art

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes and northern lights, Yellowknife-based artist Maddy Tetreault paints the night skies of Canada's North.

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Northwords Writers' Festival

The NorthWords Writers Festival is a four-day literary festival that takes place in 

Yellowknife, NWT from Thursday to Sunday over the first weekend in June. A 

combination of readings, panel discussions, open mikes and workshops, the festival is the 

most-anticipated literary event in the North. Each year, well-known Canadian authors 

come north to share the stage with Northern authors for a magical celebration of 

Canadian literature. There is something for everybody who likes books and writing from 

a Family BBQ which highlights storytelling for children, to our famous Blush Open Mike

where both southern and northern authors take to the stage with tales of erotica, to our

more formal Gala Readings which features some of the premier authors of Canada. 


For more information please visit our website:

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Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark is a long-time northerner with deep roots in country music, whose first album "Far From the Tree" was produced and recorded in Yellowknife, NT. She has performed at numerous musical venues, including Yellowknife's own annual Folk on the Rocks music festival.

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Rae Braden

Elements of the natural world are a recurring theme in Rae Braden's work, and whether working with printmaking, drawing or digital media, she is captivated by the different and distinct ways there are in each medium to create desired effects to develop her ideas. The focus of Braden's work is linked to the visual experiences and exploration of her Northern surroundings. Elements of found organic objects, geology, ice, birds and botany, and the macroscopic and microspopic relationships of these themes feature prominently. 

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Polar Creations by Michel J. Labine

Artist Story

I’ve always wanted my art to be unique, something special that people would refer to and say without question, “That came from the north”. I think my stained-glass snowshoe work, and the traditional drum making I do really send the message that our part of the world is very special. The uniqueness of our territory inspires me to create custom northern stained creations.

There’re just so many reasons why I love to create. If I’m working with stained glass I love the creativity, varying the pieces to make colors work together, getting the pieces to pop within my uniquely framed snowshoes and or varying northern drum frames, the way I had anticipated. It can be quite challenging with some pieces, and then with others everything just flows together perfectly. I love opening the packages of raw glass as the shipper is delivering them. My eye often see’s exactly what each individual piece will be used for, I can often see the final product within the glass sheet before I cut it.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t let anything stop me. If something needs to be done, then I’ll do it. This is a big benefit when it comes to being artistic, it allows me to think creatively when approaching anything. When it comes to creating my art, I strive to produce quality made northern themed pieces that reveal my attention to detail. I like my pieces to stand out above anything similar. I put my knowledge and experiences into everything I make. By acquiring one of my custom northern creations you’ll join the numerous individuals from all walks of life and from every area of the globe who already possesses a unique art piece reminiscent of their northern travels or aspirations.

Artist Bio:

Michel Labine, of Metis heritage is originally from Northern Ontario, born and raised in Hanmer. Michel has made the Northwest Territories his home since 1980 and now lives in Fort Smith on the shores of the Slave River. Michel began dabbling in art at the young age of 6 spending his spare time drawing, carving and creating, it has become his outlet, “ I enjoy working with all available materials but lately I spend countless hours designing custom northern glass creations.” Michel is considered a self–taught artist having some 16 years of experience in the glass art. He still loves carving antlers, wood and metal sculpting but now I love to dabble and experiment trying to create unique northern pieces. “ I tend to see the items within the glass itself and spend hours trying to incorporate the patterns into my work. I’ve inlayed glass panels within snowshoes, native drums and antlers. I design unique custom northern stained glass and warm glass creations and panels that reflect the scenery, wildlife, culture and people of the Northwest Territories. Recently I’ve begun creating lamps and three-dimensional pieces such as tee-pees, drums, masks, and igloos. These new areas have sparked a greater interest in creating integrated glass items. “One must never stop learning”. The fluidness of warm glass is the latest venue he is exploring. Among those who have received Michel’s commissioned works are the former Governor General of Alberta, Justin Trudeau, the Bishop of the Mackenzie Dioceses, the town of Fort Smith, and the Fort Smith Northern Life Museum. His stained glass pieces are displayed in many homes and offices throughout Canada, Australia, Holland, Siberia, Finland, Norway, Greenland and the United States.
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Phillip & Rosa Huskey

Bechoko artists who specialize in crafting Dene drums and baby rattles.

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Brendalynn "Inuk" Trennert

"Inuk” is a northerner through and through, born in Fort Simpson, NT – raised and continues to live and promote the Northwest Territories, through her art work. She is of Inuvialuit and German decent, she has a true love and passion for Mother Nature, family and traditions; which shows through out her artwork. Inuk was initially inspired by a high school teacher to start tufting and then encouraged by her parents to continue with it, and so began her caribou hair tufting in 1990. Not only did she surprise herself, but others as well with her natural ability. Since 1990 Inuk has helped revive an almost lost northern craft of the Northwest Territories, by teaching and adding a new dimension to tufting, blending a modern and contemporary twist to a traditional northern craft. Over the years, Inuk has come and gone a long way with her caribou hair tuftings and has had the opportunity to travel to many parts of our world, both on her own and to represent her country, and teach how to tuft in along the way, various communities throughout the Northwest Territories, Western Canada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Siberia and most recently to Japan as an NWT Ambassador, displaying and demonstrating her artwork at NWT Week in the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2005. With many accomplishments under her belt, one of her most memorable was when she and her artwork were presented to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their Royal Visit to Yellowknife in 1994 and she presented the Royal couple with one of her Caribou hair tufted pictures which was of an Inukshuk. She hopes to continue preserving this traditional art form - with her teachings of it and with perseverance, dedication and determination she shows that crossing cultural gaps is possible and teaching this - is most fulfilling."

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Corrine Bonnetrouge

Artist from Fort Providence, NWT.

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Jennie McLeod Handmade Jewellery

Jennifer McLeod's unique and northern-inspired jewellery combines the subtle shades of a watercolour painting with a striking, eye-catching shine reminiscent of coral or ivory. Her handmade pieces are available at the Airport Gift Shop.

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Mary Caroline

The heart of a frontier’s woman, the soul of a poet; Yellowknife’s Mary Caroline captures the edginess and beauty of her northern life.  A haunting honesty is brought to life with ethereal vocals.

During the summer of 2014, Mary Caroline was in Hamilton, ON, working with Catherine North Studio to record her debut studio album to follow up 2 independently recorded albums.   The lead single, Such a Liar, was released on September 20th and the full length album dropped on January 27, 2015. 

Mary Caroline has toured extensively across Canada during 2013 and 2014. Past performances also include Break Out West, Trout Forest Music Festival, Folk on the Rocks, The Works Art and Design Festival and the Yukon’s Alsek Festival.

Mary Caroline’s heart is also closely tied to her community.  She has brought her music to children in the remote communities of Fort Liard, Nahanni Butte and Lustel k’e, NT.  Caroline also Organized the Tseko Celebration of Women in Music in Yellowknife for three years, where she worked with award winning artist, Veronica Johnny, to bring guitar and self esteemed workshops to the women of Yellowknife.

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Nicole Nordahn

Nicole Nordahn is an emerging northern painter, creating vivid and emotive scenes of northern life and fauna. Prints of her original works can be found in the "Artists' Corner" at the Northern Frontier Visitors' Association.

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Laura Walsh

Laura Walsh is an emerging sculptor who works and resides in Yellowknife, NT. Her artwork is available through the Northern Frontier Visitors' Centre.

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Celine Edna

Celine Edna is an aboriginal artist from Fort Liard.Taught traditional art by her grandmother, Celine works with birch bark and porqupine quills to create her baskets. Useful and beautiful, these baskets are a real peice of northern history and culture. Her beautiful work is for sale through the Northern Frontier Visitor's Centre and at the Yellowknife Airport giftshop.

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Miranda Currie


Currie, a fiddle playing, singer-songwriter, uses her fiddle to create a folk-fiddle fusion of original tunes, while playing traditional fiddle tunes to round out this exceptional album. The opening track But I Can draws on her experiences living with a brain injury, while the influence of her aboriginal roots and love of northern landscapes, can be heard in songs like Northern Girl and Eddy Out.  Up In The Air was released at NACC in Yellowknife on June 19th, 2014.

Miranda Currie was been nominated by the Canadian Folk Music Awards for Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year! Category nominees included: Buffy Saint Marie, The Jerry Cans, Digging Roots, and Laura Vinson. The award went to the deserving recipients Digging Roots!


Miranda is an avid writer of poetry and verse. She is particularly fond of spoken word poetry as a means of addressing social injustice. Please scroll down to read some examples of her work.  

Her poem entitled "Income Outcome" was read in the Legislative Assembly of Northwest Territories in March of 2013, as well as an excerpt being read on CBC's "As It Happens"  It addresses some of the issues people on income assistance often deal with.

Miranda is also an author and illustrator of Children's books, many of which were developped during her recovery from a life-altering concussion and brain injury. Many of her works can be purchased from the Northern Frontier Visitors' Centre or the Yellowknife Airport Gift Shop.

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Aurora Arts Society

The Aurora Arts Society holds a vision of a community where visual arts are an integral part of everyday life and where people are able to learn and express creativity in ways that build a healthy and viable community. The Aurora Arts Society provides opportunities for visual artists to exhibit their work, develop their skills and to share and participate with other arts organizations and the public in Yellowknife and the surrounding area to build and maintain a vibrant visual arts community.

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Aurora Emporium Art Gallery

We are located in downtown Yellowknife in the Discovery Inn at 4701 Franklin Avenue, 1/2 block from 48th Street toward Old Town.

In the gallery, you will find a variety of outstanding products inside including beautiful paintings, stone carvings, jewellery, buffalo leather wallets & bags, birch bark baskets and more. We regularly post photographs of new products to our Facebook page.

We are currently open from noon to 7:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and 6:00 pm on Sundays.

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Ray McSwain

Ray is a young artist living in Edzo. He graduated from the Chief Jimmy Bruneau Regional High School and completed a certificate in Jewellery and Metalwork from Aurora College in 2000. Ray has been painting for the last 20 years and creates pictures, murals, art on paddles, and even art for motor vehicle front grills. His works are currently on display in the Chief Jimmy Bruneau School in Edzo, the Range Lake North School in Yellowknife and in BHP Billiton and Diavik Diamond Mines offices in Yellowknife. He has illustrated a children’s book of Tłı̨chǫ legends which is to be published this year.

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Gail Elder

Gail creates beautiful and unique jewellery-racks using vintage wood panelling and antique cabinet knobs; which are available for purchase at the Northern Frontier Visitors' Centre gift shop.

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Signed’s professional relationships with manufacturers around the country enable us to provide a huge variety of signs: directories, channel lettering, carved and sandblasted signs, engraving backlit sign boxes and stamps. Signed is committed to growing in directions Yellowknife needs while staying competitive and providing the level of service your business deserves. We also have BIP status so we’re fully northern and able to work for the GNWT.

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Fireweed Studio (YK Guild of Arts & Crafts)

Its not everyday Yellowknifers can step into one of Canada's designated historic places- its Tuesday and Saturday. At least this rings true for the Fireweed Studio. Venture into the little log building beside city hall to peruse an array of local arts and crafts made by the Yellowknife Guide of Arts and Crafts this weekend and throughout the summer. 

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Family Lines: Stories for Generations

Bring your stories to life

We’re a memoir writing company and believe in preserving remarkable stories from everyday life.

We’re storytellers who make sure your family memories are captured in a book that becomes a legacy and a treasure to be shared with your loved one forever.

All you have to do is tell us your tales, adventures and life lessons.

Start with your complimentary consultation by contacting Lea Storry (her real last name) at 1-403-700-5435 or

Looking for someone to write your company’s story? We also do corporate memoir writing. Celebrate milestones, give back to your employees and customers as well as leave a lasting legacy of your success through Our Corporate History.

Besides memoir writing, Family Lines provides corporate writing, ghost writing, editing and publishing. Please go to the Services page to see what else we offer.

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April Glaciar

April Glaciar is an emerging mixed media artist who was born and raised in the NWT. She returned to the north following her graduation with honours from the Fashion Merchendising program at Seneca College in Toronto and continues to live in Hay River where she and her husband have raised their family. 

It is here passion for photography combined with a love of nature and creative curisoity that have resulted in April's "Inspired Surroundings" photography and jewellery collection; an electric mix of her original photographs, silverwork or fused glass techniques worked on while working in her home. studio.

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Stone & Bone Carvers

Cathy Michetti moved to Yellowknife in 1984. She worked in Les' Swap Shop for 15 years. She had the opportunity to view many different arts, crafts, and carvings. Her job involved buying carvings which left many fond memories. She took these opportunities to talk with the carvers which triggered an inspiration to become an artist. She loved doing arts and crafts and started doing the northerns arts shortly after she arrived. About six years ago she turned her art to soapstone and bone carvings. In July 2002, she applied to begin a family business called Stone and Bone Carvers Mobile Service. Her husband and four children are all carving as well. Cathy has participated in many local art events and is proud that her work is displayed throughout Canada.

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Azygous Woodery

Azygous: Solitary, unique; not of a pair.

Azygous woodery is a home-based speciality woodworking workshop which creates a wide variety of unique and beautiful pieces from locally-harvested northern wood.

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Creative Visions North

Bren Kolson is a northern author and editorial/research consultant on documents pertaining to aboriginal culture in the North. She has one published book, "Myth of the Barrens" and has also created a course on aboriginal literature currently being taught at the University of Saskatchewan.

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Ernest Stephen Raymond

When Ernest was nine years old, he approached his grandfather for five dollars to go to the store. Instead of reaching for his wallet, he grabbed a piece of stone and put in Ernest's hand. "Make your money", he told him.

Ernest has been carving ever since.

He was originally taught by his grandfather, and since then has learned from many different carvers, and they in turn have learned from him. To be a carver is an investment of time and money, but it is always incredible to start with a raw piece of material and then see what you can create out of it.

It doesn't really matter what he uses to carve with (stone, bone, ivory or driftwood), if the material is there, he can use it and turn it into something unique and beautiful. The odd shaped rockes or bones are always the most interesting. They provide a challenge, and, more often than not, turn out to be the best finished pieces.

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Art Au Fax - creations by Roger Bisson

Roger Bisson, carves whale bone and soap stone with a dremmel tool.  His work varies from Key chains, to baroches, to earrings, and Ulus. His work can be purchased throughout Yellowknife. There is a collection of his artwork at the Northern Frontier Visitors Center and the Discover North Gift Shop located in the airport. He is well known in Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories for his jewellry. 


Tues to Fri 10am - 5pm 

Sat and Sun 11am - 7pm

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Rae Morrison

Working with a variety of materials including local plants, Rae Morrison creates striking and unique jewellery such as earrings and necklaces which are sure to make an impression at your next social gathering! Her work is available through the Northern Frontier Visitors' Centre as well as the Yellowknife Airport Gift Store.

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Hole N' Wall Yarns

We hope you can find everything you need. Hole 'n Wall Yarns is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of yarns to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Email: or visit our store at 5005 - 53rd Street, Yellowknife.

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Naomi Bourque Jewelry

Naomi is inspired by the land: its organic shapes, colours, and textures, along with its literal offerings – the landscape, the flora, the fauna, and the animals that inhabit it.  She has always been inspired by her cultural heritage and the traditional art and clothing that represents the indigenous people near and far from where she comes from; that being the Mackenzie Delta of the Northwest Territories. Growing up on Latham Island in Yellowknife surrounded by the water of the Great Slave Lake, and spending childhood summers on the Deh Cho (Mackenzie River) at her grandparents camp, Grandview NT, has gifted to her love and appreciation for the beauty of the wild, the endearment of wide open spaces.

Naomi was born and raised in Yellowknife, NT of Gwich'in and Metis descent.  Blending traditional materials with contemporary techniques allows Naomi to pay homage to her cultural heritage, whilst giving her work a distinctive edge. Naomi completed the Jewellery and Small Object Design Program at Kootenay School of the Arts, in Nelson BC.

Naomi's Jewellery can be purchased at the following locations:
Just Furs
Yellowknife, NT
(867) 873-6748

Yellowknife Airport Gift Shop
(867) 873-5495

Northern Images Gallery
Yellowknife, NT
(867) 873-9224

Tara Davis Gallery
Nelson, BC
(250) 352-5358

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Jamie Bastedo

Jamie Bastedo’s work creates a sparkling tapestry of stories drawn from his skills as a biologist, educator, broadcaster, entertainer, and writer. He has authored a dozen fiction and non-fiction books and over 100 articles on a wide range of nature topics including the northern lights, the genesis of diamonds, Arctic climate change, Inuit shamanism, Canadian Shield geology, the wild horses of Sable Island, and the sex life of snow fleas! Jamie’s skills in effectively communicating natural science brought him national honor in 2002 when he won the Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion. His outstanding contributions to the conservation and promotion of northern nature also earned him Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee Medal. His fiction and non-fiction books celebrate the relationship between people and nature – from the Arctic coast to the Australian desert – and have received both national and international acclaim. Jamie has lived and worked north of 60 for over 30 years.

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Roy Sangris

Roy Sangris is a Yellowknife carver who creates a wide variety of soapstone inukshuks and other northern-themed soapstone carvings. His handcrafted pieces include earrings, fridge magnets, paper weights, business card holders and more! They are available at both the visitors centre and airport gift shop locations.

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Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor was born and raised in Nova Scotia where he quickly was caught up in East Coast/ Celtic music. After spending years singing in and around Halifax with groups like "Bardon Bay" and "Millers Jug:", he struck out on his own. Arriving in Yellowknife 11 years ago, he started immediately playing his brand of "Maritime Music" at the Black Knight Pub and has been playing Saturday nights there ever since. He has played at every venue in Yellowknife and continues to support charitable events every year. His latest cd, "Live at the Black Knight Pub," was recorded live at the Black Knight Pub and gives the listener a real feeling of being in a Northern Scottish Pub.

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Folk on the Rocks Music Festival

Yellowknife's Folk on the Rocks has grown into one of Canada’s top summertime music and cultural festivals, drawing musicians from the NWT, Nunavut and across the globe for the North’s biggest party of the season. Come see performers from all over Canada and the world collaborate with Northern talent in what promises to be the biggest jam party the North has ever seen or heard. To be held July 18 to 21, 2013 in Yellowknife.

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Enchanted Pathways Arctic Faerie Nursery

Welcome to Enchanted Pathways, where the mysterious brilliance of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun lead curious visitors to the heart of our northern faerie nursery. At Enchanted Pathways, we raise faerie babies from their magical first awakenings in seedpods on the forest floor to full bloom when they grow up and begin to explore the world all on their own. The company strives to show others the importance of always believing in your dreams and never growing up. The nursery is filled with tons of twinkling lights, hanging vines and flowers, there are even crocheted hummingbirds flying everywhere. I encourage other believers and lovers of all things Fae to visit the Enchanted Pathways Faerie Nursery to play where there is always cookies and apple juice served to guests amongst the bed of rainbow flower petals. And for those that get to visit during the north's long winter months, the nursery is kept warm and toasty by the stove, where everyone gets their own pair of slippers to wear and the apple juice is served warm with cinnamon sticks. Welcome to the Faerie Nursery where we hope to see you back again real soon. 

For more information on the artist as well as photos of the full faerie collections, please visit

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Down to Earth Gallery

Down to Earth Gallery is an artist run art gallery selling original Northern art created by NWT artists. The artists of the gallery also offer various art workshops.

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Amberlee Kolson

AmberLee Kolson, author of Lost was born and raised in Yellowknife and is Metis, Chipewyan and Polish descent. She holds a Bachelor of Education Degree in English from the University of Alberta and an Honors Culinary Arts Degree from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Wings of Glass, her first novel, won the CBC Cross Country Bookshelf Contest for the north region and a bronze medal in the 2011 Pub West book design award. AmberLee has completed Cook Zilla, a cooking mystery and Land’s End, a work of fiction.

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Peter Mitchell

Originally from Fort McPherson, Peter Mitchell has resided in Yellowknife for over 25 years, and has spent that entire time honing his craft. He carves in soapstone, ivory, bone and occasionally other mediums as well.

Peter's carvings are available in galleries throughout Yellowknife, and have been sold across Canada and the United States. We are pleased to retail his carvings at the Northern Frontier Visitor Centre giftshop

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Jay Gilday

As a songwriter, Jay threads together the colours of his own ancestral traditions: Dene spirituals, Irish ballads, Canadian folk and rock. He was raised in a family of accomplished musicians on the tundra of Yellowknife, where his music electrifies its never-ending days and nights. Whether on the main stage of a summer festival or headlining a shadowy cabaret, Jay captivates.

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Kakfwi & Associates

IN the past quarter century Canada’s north and all its residents, especially Aboriginal people, have undergone a remarkable political, democratic, environmental, economic, cultural and geo-political transformation. 

Stephen Kakfwi, former Northwest Territories Premier and Dene Nation President, has been at the forefront of all these developments.

His experiences and perspectives on a wide range of historic and contemporary NWT issues make Stephen Kakfwi a popular public speaker at conferences and meetings of resource industries, the academic community, environmental organizations, governments and Aboriginal people.

Stephen Kakfwi can help Canadians to learn more about the north, to understand the experiences of the Dene, the contemporary challenges all northerners face, their vision for a self governing and self reliant territory, and the importance of all these developments for the rest of Canada.

He has been outspoken in his beliefs on the importance of NWT Aboriginal participation in the northern political and economical mainstream, balancing northern resource development with stewardship of the land, and protecting and preserving NWT Aboriginal languages, culture and traditions.

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Visual Effects Limited

Visual Effects Custom Picture Framing and Art Supplies. Located in the basement of the YK Centre, downtown Yellowknife.

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Gawain Jones

Gawain has been active as a photographer since 2001 and has been working with photoshop for ever longer. He had produced a half dozen finished pieces back in Vancouver prior 2012.

 As a photographer, his primary areas of focus are landscape and cityscapes. He tries to convey scenes of what often goes unseen to most; whether that's a city in the depths of -40 C or terrain that few people will ever visit. He tries to incorporate the most dramatic elements in his compositions from rich sunsets to extreme angles and perspectives. He enjoys incorporating a lot of detal to create stimulating images full of content. A lot of his best material tends to be stitched panormaic shots since stitching images allow him to capture far more resolution than what a single image affords. 

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Janet Pacey Design and Illustration

Using her expertise and vision Janet Pacey works directly with you to understand the needs of your project. Don't worry, you don't need to be any kind of expert. Janet works with you to bring the best elements of graphic design to your project.

Mon to Thur 9am - 5:30

Fri 9 - 5

Closed Weekend

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Dancing Raven Studio

Shawna Lampi-Legaree

Artist and Teacher in Watercolour and Acrylic Watercolour - Shawna explores the natural world in watercolour, painting glorious ephemeral flowers.  Working in multi-layer washes she is able to capture the drama of sunlight and depth of shadows. Her portfolio includes floral images from her travels across Canada and around the world.

Acrylic – Antiques, curios, nick-nacks and just plain interesting objects from the world around us are the subjects of Shawna’s work in acrylic.  Her interest began in 2013 when took up a “30 paintings in 30 days” challenge. Favourites includes characters from children’s story books, reveal paintings for expectant parents, birthday surprises and some fabulous experiments with light and reflection. 

Classes - Shawna teaches introductory art classes for adult learners in drawing, watercolour and acrylic painting.  No previous experience is required. Workshops are designed to include plenty of gentle support, fun and some great new 

Commissions - Shawna accepts commissions for paintings in watercolour and acrylic.  For more information click on the ‘Commission’ tab on her website. 

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Ryan Silke

Ryan Silke is a writer, musician, and historian who offers historical research services and tours.

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Stephanie Yuill


Author of a kids activity book "Welcome to the NWT."  While teaching kids about the NWT, Stephanie alos keeps them intrigued with the numerous colouring pages and puzzels.

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Yellowknife Guild of Arts & Crafts

The YK Guild is a group of volunteer artists, artisans, students and teachers passionate about learning and sharing craft skills in Yellowknife, NWT Canada. Formed in 1946, we are one of Canada’s oldest craft guilds. Our primary mandate is to teach art and craft skills, and our current media includes clay, fibre arts, stained glass and silver. We hold Christmas, Spring and summer-long sales.

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Emilie Squirrel

Emily Squirrel was born in Fort Providence, NT.  She describes herself as Master artist.  She has been an artist and started creating art nearly 50 years ago. - See more at:

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Natasha Duchene

Natasha Duchene is a multi-disciplinary creative professional with credits in music, theatre, film and new media. She has been entrancing audiences from the Californian desert to the icy waters of Canada’s north with her music. Her songs take you to complex emotional spaces and into the dark woods, often drawing on the powerful landscapes of the North and the desert for metaphor and inspiration. With a background in music composition from Université de Montréal, her commitment to the craft is as strong as her passion for storytelling.

Natasha grew up around art and film making. After many years working on projects with her father’s production company, she recently made her directorial debut with a tv-documentary for the Pet Network, North Paws, which has gone on to win awards at both the Yellowknife International Film Festival and the Good Dog Film Festival in Australia. Her strong musicianship has also brought her to the theatre as musical director for several plays, as well as on stage as an actor and singer.

Natasha tells stories that are close to the heart and uses a combination of video and music to bring these stories home. She is inspired by landscapes, community, and the power of the human spirit.

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Nikita Mackeinzo

Nikita has learned to make beautiful dreamcatchers through her common-law. They put their hard work together and make something to show people what they can do as a team.

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Tami Johnson

Producer of fine souvenir t-shirts, available at the Northern Frontier Visitors' Centre and Yellowknife Airport Gift Shops.

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