World Famous Hunts 

Experience hunting in the remote vastness of the Northwest Territories, where free-roaming game far outnumbers the human population. The north offers a wide variety of trophy hunting species, such as Alphine sheep, goats, moose, bison, and every big game hunter's ultimate trophy - the polar bear. This is a wilderness of memorable hunts with guiding available through some of the world's most experienced outfitters.

IMPORTANT: Caribou Hunting Notice

Studies conducted by the GNWT Department of Environment and Natural Resources conclude that barrenground caribou herds in the Northwest Territories have been declining and are at low numbers. To assist in the conservation and recovery of these important herds, there is currently no outfitted hunting for barrenground caribou in the NWT. There has been no change to resident and non-resident hunting of the boreal caribou in the Mackenzie Mountains of the NWT. For more information on barrenground caribou populations and management actions to protect these herds, visit the GNWT's website at


Hunting and Trapping Regulations

Hunting, fishing and trapping in the NWT is regulated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. All residents, and non-residents require a licence to hunt, fish and trap in the NWT.  Requirments for the licences can be found in the following summaries of the NWT Hunting, Sport Fishing, and Trapping Regulations. All hunters require a licence to hunt caribou, wood bison, polar bear, muskox, or any other animal not being hunted for food, unless they are beneficiaries of a land claim specifically exempting them from requiring a licence. The hunting rights of Aboriginal people in the NWT are based on traditional use and are different from those of other hunters. Hunting by many Aboriginal people is controlled by Land Claim Agreements. Hunting by others may also be affected by Land Claim Agreements.

Please visit the GNWT department website for more information:


Big Game Animal Species near Yellowknife

Moose: Moose are the largest members of the deer family with huge distinctive antlers. They can weigh up to 680 kilograms (1,500 pounds). They are solitary animals that scare easily and will dart into the forests. An estimated 20,000 moose live throughout the NWT within and beyond the treeline. They can be found in the Yellowknife area during the late winter months.

Grizzly Bear: Grizzlies are now confined to the northern regions of the NWT barrens and in the Mackenzie Mountains. Some 3,500 grizzly bears live in the NWT, with the largest concentration in the Mackenzie Mountains. 

Wolf: Wolves are plentiful in the NWT making their living as the main animal predator of the caribou. They travel with the herds, working in packs to bring down calves or take advantage of injured or sick animals. Hunters will spot and track them by following the caribou herds in the spring. 

Wood Bison: Wood bison are the larger cousins of plains bison, native to northern Canada. Male wood bison stand 1.8 m (6 feet) and can weigh up to 1000 kg (2200 lbs). They are to be found in or near the Bison Sactuaries on the Mackenzie Highway leading to Yellowknife, and are often spotted on the side of the highway where they can escape from the wolve and insects.


Small Game Hunting

You must have a hunting licence to hunt small game. Abundant small game, including waterfowl (ducks, grouse/ptarmigan, geese) and small mammals (rabbit) can be found in the Yellowknife area.



Non-residents and non-resident aliens require an outfitter to hunt big game. Outfitters provide licenced guides for the hunters they serve. Seasoned hunting experts are available to assist with your hunting plans and will arrange every detail, from licence, to transportation, to location, to lodging. 



Enodah Wilderness Travel

Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge is a premier fly-in fishing/eco lodge on Great Slave Lake - rated as the number one trophy pike fishing lodge in the world. It is also the hot spot for aurora borealis viewing and photography. Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge is located on an island in the north arm of  Great Slave Lake, far away from city lights, traffic and noise. The lodge is only accessible by skiplane, snowmobile and of  course, the famous “Aurora Express.”

(867) 873-4334

Peterson's Point Lake Lodge

An adventure of a Lifetime! The fishing will thrill you (58 lb. Record) and the barrens will mystify you; combine these things with our first class lodge and accommodations, our professional staff and our northern hospitality and you have found the place where dreams become reality.

(867) 920-4654

Plummers' Fishing and Hunting Lodges

Fly in fishing for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, or arctic Arctic char, depending on the lodge location that you select (with five to choose from, as well as options for fishing trips beyond the lodges such as on the Coppermine river!) Packages from Winnipeg-Edmonton-Yellowknife. 7 day-4 day-3 day. Lodges located on both Great Slave Lake or Great Bear Lake.

Plummer’s can take you on many adventures in the Arctic including hunting for exotic big game like Musk Ox, floating the Coppermine River in rafts, canoeing endless rivers in the Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake watershed’s and kayaking the fresh water ocean we call Great Bear Lake amongst the shelter of the islands of the McTavish Arm from the old frontier outpost of Cameron Bay through the archipelago past the 1930’s mine site at Port Radium to our Arctic Circle Lodge. Wildlife opportunities are with you every moment you spend in the remote north but we can also organize targeted wildlife tours so that you get that footage you have been dreaming of, including caribou migration, Musk Ox herds, Grizzly Bears, plenty of raptors, wolves and many other species.

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Nahanni Wild: True Wilderness Adventure

Nahanni Adventures features canoe and raft trips on Canada's renowned South Nahanni River and a select offering of mountain and wildlife/tundra river trips across the North. Each of our adventures has been hand crafted through years of service and a longstanding commitment to our 'personal touch philosophy'.


Open Water Charters Inc.

Open Water Charters Inc. is a Float plane service in Yellowknife N.T Canada. We offer a wide variety of air charter service on our Cessna 185 aircraft.
Yellowknife provides a great hub to access the best fishing and hunting spots in North America. Let us provide you with an unparalleled custom experience for your air service needs to your favorite spot. The Cessna 185 also provides you with a great payload perfect for mining exploration trips. Operating during Summer and Fall

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Flightseeing Tours

Ahmic Air offers a range of unique air tours. Our Beaver aircraft is equipped with enlarged windows for greater visibility and a comfortable, clean, upgraded interior. Each guest has access to an aviation headset, encouraging easy dialog between other guests and the pilot enriching the whole experience. Take a simple "Fam. Flight" around the city or come with us on a longer flight to view one of many choice locations from the air. 

Fishing Adventures

There are many lakes within close proximity to Yellowknife that are ideally suited to visitors with limited windows of opportunity or the recreation of local residents. There are many options available to you ranging from a private self guided fishing experience on a secluded lake using your equipment or rental equipment to spending an afternoon as a guest at one of the many fishing lodges that we fly to and enjoying their hospitality and guiding services.

Camping and Canoeing

Yellowknife is surrounded by countless lakes and rivers. If you have a desire to spend time on the land and experience the power of nature we can help! Choose to be delivered to any number of secluded locations; lakes surrounded by boreal forest, sites on Great Slave Lake's East Arm looking onto the spectacular cliff drops and rock faces, or let us take you past the tree line to barrenlands where there are endless views of sandy eskers and glacial moraine. Yes we fly canoes! We also rent canoes.