Boating & Canoeing

Journey by Water

In Northern Frontier region, we have four months of open water from June through September. With our 18 to 20 hour days, Great Slave Lake and hundreds of smaller lakes right on the doorstep, you can enjoy a lot of time on the water. Rent a canoe or kayak, windsurf on Back Bay, charter a motor boat or a sailboat. You can go fishing with a guide, or take a dinner cruise on one of our fully equipped tour boats. If you have the time, take a once in a lifetime cruise to the spectacular East Arm of Great Slave Lake.

If there ever was a place on this earth to have a canoe, surely Northern Frontier is it. Dotted with hundreds of lakes and myriad waterways, you can go for a half hour paddle, a three day trip or a month long expedition, by changing direction from any one of several drop in points.

Canoes and kayaks are easily rented in Northern Frontier, and the friendly people at our member shops, or at Northern Frontier Visitor’s Centre will help you plan your trip. Members also offer canoeing or rafting packages, with some packages suitable for persons with limited experience or abilities.

Please practice safe canoeing and kayaking. You’ll be in a remote area with few people to help you. Never travel alone. Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Always travel with a good insect-proof shelter, raingear, cooking gear, extra paddles and rescue equipment. Wear a personal floatation device or lifejacket at all times. Our water temperatures are usually cold and hypothermia from a sudden upset is a real danger, even on the warmest days.

Day trips for experienced paddlers

Hidden Lake – Drop in: Powder Point, 40 km from Yellowknife on the Ingraham Trail. Several short but strenuous portages take you into one of the most scenic lakes in the Yellowknife area. Suitable for one, two or three day trips.

Lower Cameron River – A one-day trip for experienced paddlers, starting at Reid Lake about 60 km from Yellowknife on the Ingraham trail. Canoeists follow the Cameron River, portaging around several scenic waterfalls, to Powder Point.

Tartan Rapids – To really enjoy this trip some whitewater experience is necessary, but a portage trail allows novices to avoid the rapids, and enjoy the scenery. The trip starts at Cassidy Point, about 17 km from Yellowknife, and paddlers can return to the start, or follow the Yellowknife River to the Yellowknife River bridge.

Longer Trips

Tibbitt Lake Loop – An easy weekend trip, this route circles back to the start, at the end of the Ingraham Trail, 65 km from Yellowknife, and features a variety of wilderness scenery and good camping.

Powder Point to Yellowknife River Bridge – This is a four day trip crossing big lakes, with excellent camping, and just a few portages. However, because Prelude and Prosperous Lakes are so large they can be dangerous in windy conditions. A shorter trip might start, or end, at the Prelude Lake boat launch.

Pensive Lakes – This four day wilderness trip for experienced canoeists takes you north from Tibbitt Lake, through good camping country, to reach the top of the Cameron River rapids, an 8 km run.

Upper Cameron River – This two day trip for whitewater enthusiasts starts at Tibbitt Lake, 65 km from Yellowknife and heads south and west to follow a challenging but enjoyable route with several rapids and a waterfall. The trip ends at Reid Lake campground.

Jennejohn – This is a five day wilderness canoe trip, with several portages, for experienced canoeists. Starting at Reid Lake, the trip follows a string of beautiful lakes and ends at Akaitcho Bay on Great Slave Lake, near Dettah. A map and compass is necessary, and wind can be a problem on Reid, Jennejohn and Great Slave lakes.


Strong Interpretation

Your Yellowknife Experience

There are many stories written here on this northern landscape of Yellowknife, in the movement of animals, in the growth of a jack pine and in the people that live here. Strong Interpretation is there to interpret those stories with customized and flexible tours for people looking for that authentic Yellowknife experience through hands-on, fun, and enlightening experiences.


Strong Interpretation is not your average Yellowknife tour company. We provide more by creating guided experiences that fits your specific needs, time, abilities and interests.  With more flexibility, we can provide the unique tour you want, which provides you with a more personal and exceptional experience. Click here to fill out a tour planner in order to create your very own personalized Yellowknife Experience!

(867) 873-5546 / (867) 446-2799

Omega Marine

Omega Marine offers inflatable boat and motor rentals, propeller sales and repairs, sat phone rentals, Spot GPS Messenger sales and rentals, marine accessories, parts for outboards and inboard engines.

(867) 873-3770 / 1-800-873-5104

Prelude Lake Marina & Rentals

We provide pontoon boat and fishing boat rentals. Our rentals include propane for BBQ, life jackets, fuel and GST. We also provide docking slips on a daily, monthly and seasonal rate.


Enodah Wilderness Travel

Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge is a premier fly-in fishing/eco lodge on Great Slave Lake - rated as the number one trophy pike fishing lodge in the world. It is also the hot spot for aurora borealis viewing and photography. Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge is located on an island in the north arm of  Great Slave Lake, far away from city lights, traffic and noise. The lodge is only accessible by skiplane, snowmobile and of  course, the famous “Aurora Express.”

(867) 873-4334

Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures Ltd.

For a Great Northern Experience! We invite you to join us and experience Yellowknife's spectacular Great Slave Lake for fishing, bird watching, sightseeing, and northern gourmet shore lunches. We offer a variety of trips from 4 hrs. to 10 hrs. We also provide boat rentals.

(867) 444-8320

Bluefish Services

Bluefish Services offers guided fishing trips and naturalist tours on Great Slave Lake. We have been in business for 25 years making us the one of the most experienced tour operators in the Northwest Territories.

Something for Everyone
When you are our guest for one of our personalized guided trips on Great Slave Lake, you will enjoy our experience and northern hospitality, which together with our modern equipment, ensure you of a safe and memorable trip.

Fish for Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike or Lake Trout or travel out Yellowknife Bay into the islands an see nesting Ospreys and Bald Eagles.  Previous fishing experience is not necessary - we will be pleased to show you how!

Special Occasions
Make your next occasion extra special by having it on the lake.  What better way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding.  Call us for some great event ideas.

Also offers:

  • Boat trips and birdwatching by boat with shore dinner;
  • Ice fishing by "Snow Bear" from mid-December to mid-April (stay warm and comfortable as you ice fish from inside a vehicle!)
(867) 873-4818, (867) 445-8553

Great Slave Adventures

Daily fishing boat charters from Yellowknife. Fish Great Slave Lake for a day of amazing action and a truly wilderness experience. Our fishing charters specialize in fully equipped daily trips from Yellowknife Bay to various high action fishing holes and you will be treated to a prepared shore lunch fresh from your catch. We are also able to arrange cabin rentals for those that want to get away and spend a night or two in our northern wilds.

We also offer a number of winter adventure options, including ice fishing, snowmobile and ice road tours, and winter cabin getaways! Please contact us our visit our website for more details on these or any other tours that we offer!

(867) 445-2226

Plummers' Fishing and Hunting Lodges

Fly in fishing for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, or arctic Arctic char, depending on the lodge location that you select (with five to choose from, as well as options for fishing trips beyond the lodges such as on the Coppermine river!) Packages from Winnipeg-Edmonton-Yellowknife. 7 day-4 day-3 day. Lodges located on both Great Slave Lake or Great Bear Lake.

Plummer’s can take you on many adventures in the Arctic including hunting for exotic big game like Musk Ox, floating the Coppermine River in rafts, canoeing endless rivers in the Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake watershed’s and kayaking the fresh water ocean we call Great Bear Lake amongst the shelter of the islands of the McTavish Arm from the old frontier outpost of Cameron Bay through the archipelago past the 1930’s mine site at Port Radium to our Arctic Circle Lodge. Wildlife opportunities are with you every moment you spend in the remote north but we can also organize targeted wildlife tours so that you get that footage you have been dreaming of, including caribou migration, Musk Ox herds, Grizzly Bears, plenty of raptors, wolves and many other species.

(204) 774-5775

Yellow Dog Lodge

Yellow Dog Lodge is located between beautiful Duncan and Graham Lakes, only a 15 minute floatplane ride north east of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. The lodge features great sport fishing, brilliant opportunities for outdoor adventure and knowledgeable friendly staff. The lakes and streams offer the finest lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling in the region. The natural beauty of the Northern Canadian Wilderness is pristine and we are committed to providing you with the best of nature and ensuring the same for those who follow. In this land where you can still drink water straight from the lakes; our guests have the opportunity to participate in a wilderness experience of their lifetime.

(403) 668-9936

The Mackenzie River Guide

The Mackenzie River Guide documents the route, history and stories of the Mackenzie River. Full colour and with more than 60 maps the Mackenzie River Guide is a must for all paddling and Northern enthusiasts.

(867) 873-8420

North Star Adventures

North Star Adventures is a 100% Aboriginal owned, local tour company. We grew up in Yellowknife, we know Yellowknife! We are happy to share our Aboriginal culture with on each of the following tours:

Summer Tours - June 15; ends October 07

Aboriginal Culture Tour (June 15 - October 07)

As a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated tour company we can offer you genuine Aboriginal experiences. Learn about our culture, meet cool Aboriginal friends, sample delicious traditional foods, learn our language and listen to stories about our culture, history and more. Email us for more information, ask about our Discounts and Specials. 2.5hr - $89.00+tax/person

Boat Tours (July 01 - September 30)

Join us a for a comfortable boat tour on the Great Slave Lake out to our island 15km from Yellowknife for short scenic nature hike, great photos! 2.0hr - $79.00+tax/person

Buffalo Viewing (June 15 - September 30)

Let's go look for the world's biggest buffalo! See northern Canada landscape as we drive out 200kms or more to see this amazing wildlife! 5.0hr - $149.00+tax/person Tour

Fishing Tour - MONSTER Pike (July 01 - September 30)

Our Aboriginal guides will take you to the best spots so you can catch your own Great Slave Lake MONSTER Pike! 3.0hr - $109.00+tax/person

Fishing Tour - Big Lake Trout (July 01 - September 30)
Let’s go out further on the big lake, out to deeper waters to catch your own Great Slave Lake Lake Trout! 4.0hr - $149.00/person

Eagle Viewing Tour (July 01 - September 30)
Enjoy a comfortable cruise on one of the largest lakes in the world as we go look for the majestic Eagle and maybe even get an Eagle feather! 2.5hr - $109.00+tax/person


Ice Fishing & Aurora Packages

We offer 3 Aurora packages including our Aboriginal Aurora Package which includes our very popular Aboriginal Ice Fishing Tour, a genuine Aboriginal (and delicious) experience! We offer service in English, Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin. Email us for more information, ask about our Discounts and Specials.

Yellowknife's Best City Tour (June 15 - October 07)

Learn about Yellowknife. As lifelong residents we can offer you a unique personal insight into Yellowknife and its colorful history. 1.5hr - $79.00+tax/person

Waterfall Nature Hike

Enjoy the wilderness of northern Canada, the trees, the plants and clean fresh air! Relax at the scenic waterfalls after a 30 minutes hike thru the woods. 4.0hr - $109.00+tax/person

Yellowknife's Best Aurora Hunting Tours (August 07 - October 07)

We will go to different locations to find the best Aurora for you. We will take FREE professional photos of you and Aurora. Average tour size 15-20 guests. 4.0hrs - $109.00+tax

(867) 446-2900 or (867) 445-3096

Great Slave Lake Tours

Watch the sun setting on the horizon as you observe the commercial fishing nets being checked for fish. Feast on a freshly cooked fish dinner accompanied by other local and traditional foods and drinks.

Experience the long nights under the Aurora Borelis and spend the night in a cozy cabin on the vast and beautiful lake.A Great Slave Lake adventure for everyone who enjoys the serenity of the northern winter and the outdoors.

•Transportation by Bombardier/max. 8 persons per Bombardier
•2 heated Cabins/each sleeps 4 persons
•Bedding and Towels provided
•Food and Housekeeping provided
•Fishing Gear provided


Fishing Day Trips

Day trips from 2-7 hours on Great Slave Lake. Sport fishing, see the commercial fishery. Mid-June to Mid-October, half day to a week. Sightseeing, photography, naturalist. Prices start at $150.00/person.


Some wildlife viewing is available in winter for foxes, wolves, coyotes, as well as some birds. In summer: ravens, crows, gulls, pelicans, eagles and small birds. Call for more details.

​Canoeing and Kayaking

We can arrange shuttle service to and from the East Arm area of Great Slave Lake. Call for more details. 867-875-8077

​Wildlife Viewing

Some wildlife viewing is available in winter for foxes, wolves, coyotes, as well as some birds. In summer: ravens, crows, gulls, pelicans, eagles and small birds. Call for more details.

​Water Travel

Boat rentals, charters available. Day trips from 2-7 hours on Great Slave Lake. Sport fishing, see the commercial fishery. Mid-June to mid-October, half day to a week. Sightseeing, photography, naturalist. We can arrange fish lunches for large groups. Please book in advance. Most summer and winter tours offer fresh fish dinners.

​Aurora Day Trips

Travel in style on Great Slave Lake in an eight passenger Bombardier snowmobile. Our Aurora tour heads out about five miles on the frozen ice of Great Slave Lake, far from the lights of town. It's a four hour tour, with the lights usually best around ten to midnight. Set up your camera and take photos to your heart's delight. Minimum two passengers. Winter commercial fishing demo includes a fish fry on the lake. Lake tours, ice heave viewing, sightseeing, Aurora viewing. Overnight accomodations available in 12' x 16' heated tent camps on the lake. Various locations available. Mid-December through mid-April. We'll package a trip for you. Rates start $120 CAD.

(867) 875-8077

Blachford Lake Lodge

At Blachford Lake Lodge, the land is our home. Our only neighbours are the wind, the water and the trees. There are no clocks, no schedules, no rules - you determine the activity. Sunbathe on the shore's edge, take a rejuvenating sauna, challenge yourself to a vigorous ski, or revel in the thrill of the catch. Do nothing, or do it all!

Blachford Lake is the north's foremost, multi-season, backcountry lodge. Our spacious post and beam log lodge is a careful blend of contemporary rustic charm, yet with all the modern comforts. Our friendly, attentive staff take pride in bringing you excellent service. Blachford Lake is located 95 kilometers east of Yellowknife, a short 20-minute flight by charter float plane in the summer and ski-equipped plane in the winter.

(867) 873-3303

Jocelyn Demetre's Great Slave Lake Safaris

Un voyage de pêche guidé sous le soleil de minuit. C’est ce que je vous offre, des prises et des souvenirs inoubliables. Capitaine d’infanterie retraité des Forces Armées Canadiennes, je suis maintenant guide professionnel sur le Grand Lac des Esclaves. Un plan d’eau que je parcours de fond en comble depuis plus de trois ans. Tout comme moi, vous tomberez en amour avec le neuvième lac le plus grand au monde et le plus profond en Amérique du Nord.

Imaginez-vous quitter Yellowknife à bord d’un bateau de pêche se dirigeant vers des endroits poissonneux aux décors nordiques. Des poissons énormes dans les eaux claires et profondes du Bras Est et des combats dignes du 60e parallèle. Dormir sous le soleil de minuit à l’intérieur d’une tente prospecteur qui sera éloignée des prédateurs sur une des belles îles rocheuses du plan d’eau. Une expérience qui ne peut laisser indifférent les amateurs de plein air. L’été, le temps de pêche est maximisé par un ensoleillement de 18 à 20 hrs par jour qui vous permettra de prendre le poisson dont vous aviez tant rêvé.

C’est ça mon Yellowknife! Venez me rejoindre et je vous guiderez personnellement à bord de mon bateau équipé pour une pêche tel que vous le désirez. À la traîne ou au lancé léger vous ne quitterez pas mon bateau sans avoir fait votre lots de remise à l’eau. Foulez vous aussi un des sols tant convoité par la ruée vers l’or, venez vous joindre à moi pour écrire une page de votre histoire, là où le soleil ne se couche jamais.

(867) 445-3625

Bob Turner Enterprises

Fishing company, lake tours and Bed & Breakfast in N'Dilo.

(867) 446-6502


Flightseeing Tours

Ahmic Air offers a range of unique air tours. Our Beaver aircraft is equipped with enlarged windows for greater visibility and a comfortable, clean, upgraded interior. Each guest has access to an aviation headset, encouraging easy dialog between other guests and the pilot enriching the whole experience. Take a simple "Fam. Flight" around the city or come with us on a longer flight to view one of many choice locations from the air. 

Fishing Adventures

There are many lakes within close proximity to Yellowknife that are ideally suited to visitors with limited windows of opportunity or the recreation of local residents. There are many options available to you ranging from a private self guided fishing experience on a secluded lake using your equipment or rental equipment to spending an afternoon as a guest at one of the many fishing lodges that we fly to and enjoying their hospitality and guiding services.

Camping and Canoeing

Yellowknife is surrounded by countless lakes and rivers. If you have a desire to spend time on the land and experience the power of nature we can help! Choose to be delivered to any number of secluded locations; lakes surrounded by boreal forest, sites on Great Slave Lake's East Arm looking onto the spectacular cliff drops and rock faces, or let us take you past the tree line to barrenlands where there are endless views of sandy eskers and glacial moraine. Yes we fly canoes! We also rent canoes.


NARWAL Northern Adventures

NARWAL is licensed outfitter that has been operating in the North since 1981. Our mission is to provide safe, personable and fun experiences in the outdoors. We offer year-round opportunities for you to learn and explore. Our guides have plenty of knowledge about culture and traditions of the North and are trained in Standard and Wilderness First Aid.


In the summer, join our Paddle Canada certified northern guides in a canoe or kayak for a 1-day, 3-day, or 6-day paddling adventure! Our guides can collaborate with you to create your personal northern adventure.  Explore scenic Yellowknife Bay with our guides by travelling via 29-foot voyageur canoes during a Floating Dinner Theatre. Enjoy a traditional meal of soup and bannock complemented by lively entertainment featuring music and dramatic presentations of historic northern events. All ages welcome!

Other summer activities:

-        Fishing

-        Motor boat tour

-        Voyageur canoe day tours


In the winter, hop on a snowmobile or strap on your snowshoes to discover an adventure with our experience, safety-trained guides. You can enjoy a guided walk to the intriguing ice caves, have a blast on a guided snowmobile tour on Great Slave Lake and surrounding trails, or learn to build an igloo with the guidance of our skilled instructors. Traditional Inuit fur clothing is available for rent while on a NARWAL tour.

(867) 873-6443