The Northern Lights Shine

Yellowknife is the best location in the world for viewing the aurora borealis. As the nights grow longer, the green, red and mauve lights of aurora borealis, or northern lights, are absolutely brilliant in their dance across the sky.

North's Auroral Activity Forecast

The aurora results from forms of electromagnetic energy which are drawn to the earth's poles, literally charging the atmosphere and causing it to glow. Despite the crisp -40, (at that temperature Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales are the same) which is not uncommon in the heart of a Yellowknife winter, we have thousands of international visitors who come to be awe-inspired. Tours to view the aurora from outside the city limits are available starting in the autumn and continue throughout the winter months.


To learn about available aurora tours, click on the company names in the menu below in order to see more information about them. You can also right click on the links to open their individual listings in a new tab or window.


Aurora Village

World Class Aurora Viewing in a serene traditional aboriginal setting. Offering comfortable aurora viewing in heated "Aurora Kotatsu" seats! Other activities: sliding (tubes provided), snowshoeing, dogsledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, aerial wildlife viewing tours, aboriginal craft lessons and much more. Winter clothing rentals available. Tours are available in Japanese/English.

(867) 669-0006

Beck's Kennels

Beck's Kennels is a diversified professional dog sled kennel and tour company that has been hosting visitors to Yellowknife for over 20 years. They specialize in dogsledding, outdoor adventures and aurora viewing, and offers a wide variety of day trips, multi-day expedition and package tours. Whether you need an activity for one afternoon or to plan out an entire trip, Beck's Kennels is sure to have exactly what you need!

(867) 873-5603

Enodah Wilderness Travel

Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge is a premier fly-in fishing/eco lodge on Great Slave Lake - rated as the number one trophy pike fishing lodge in the world. It is also the hot spot for aurora borealis viewing and photography. Trout Rock Wilderness Lodge is located on an island in the north arm of  Great Slave Lake, far away from city lights, traffic and noise. The lodge is only accessible by skiplane, snowmobile and of  course, the famous “Aurora Express.”

(867) 873-4334

My Backyard Tours

My Backyard Tours offers fun and informative tours. Guided by local experts, our tours show you the highlights in and around the City of Yellowknife as well as give you the opportunity to fly to Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge to spend time on the tundra. Our tours also offer you the chance to enjoy local foods, develop your photographic abilities and capture the wildlife, plants and lichens that shape the intricate beauty of this region. Guests will learn about the history and culture of the people that make the North unique. New

867-920-4654 or 445-8797

Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures Ltd.

For a Great Northern Experience! We invite you to join us and experience Yellowknife's spectacular Great Slave Lake for fishing, bird watching, sightseeing, and northern gourmet shore lunches. We offer a variety of trips from 4 hrs. to 10 hrs. We also provide boat rentals.

(867) 444-8320

Nanook Aurora Tours

Please call or email Yoshi for what tours are available. (Website is in japanese only).

Offering 4 hour aurora tours including the ice-road and city of yellowknife, Pick-up and Drop-off Available. Small groups. Service in japanese available call or visit website for more details.

(867) 446-6800

B. Dene Adventures

The NWT and the community of Yellowknife is a meeting point of different cultures and ways of life. We also welcome visitors from different parts of the world. As a result of this diversity, there is a strong need for cultural education and tourism activities. B. Dene Adventures provides a wide range of cultural activities and services for all.

B. Dene Adventures is a Traditional Dene Cultural Camp business which teaches the Dene way of life, through our history, our language and our unique connection to the land.

(867) 444-0451

Yellow Dog Lodge

Yellow Dog Lodge is located between beautiful Duncan and Graham Lakes, only a 15 minute floatplane ride north east of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. The lodge features great sport fishing, brilliant opportunities for outdoor adventure and knowledgeable friendly staff. The lakes and streams offer the finest lake trout, northern pike and arctic grayling in the region. The natural beauty of the Northern Canadian Wilderness is pristine and we are committed to providing you with the best of nature and ensuring the same for those who follow. In this land where you can still drink water straight from the lakes; our guests have the opportunity to participate in a wilderness experience of their lifetime.

(403) 668-9936

North Star Adventures

North Star Adventures is a 100% Aboriginal owned, local tour company. We grew up in Yellowknife, we know Yellowknife! We are happy to share our Aboriginal culture with on each of the following tours:

Summer Tours - June 15; ends October 07

Aboriginal Culture Tour (June 15 - October 07)

As a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated tour company we can offer you genuine Aboriginal experiences. Learn about our culture, meet cool Aboriginal friends, sample delicious traditional foods, learn our language and listen to stories about our culture, history and more. Email us for more information, ask about our Discounts and Specials. 2.5hr - $89.00+tax/person

Boat Tours (July 01 - September 30)

Join us a for a comfortable boat tour on the Great Slave Lake out to our island 15km from Yellowknife for short scenic nature hike, great photos! 2.0hr - $79.00+tax/person

Buffalo Viewing (June 15 - September 30)

Let's go look for the world's biggest buffalo! See northern Canada landscape as we drive out 200kms or more to see this amazing wildlife! 5.0hr - $149.00+tax/person Tour

Fishing Tour - MONSTER Pike (July 01 - September 30)

Our Aboriginal guides will take you to the best spots so you can catch your own Great Slave Lake MONSTER Pike! 3.0hr - $109.00+tax/person

Fishing Tour - Big Lake Trout (July 01 - September 30)
Let’s go out further on the big lake, out to deeper waters to catch your own Great Slave Lake Lake Trout! 4.0hr - $149.00/person

Eagle Viewing Tour (July 01 - September 30)
Enjoy a comfortable cruise on one of the largest lakes in the world as we go look for the majestic Eagle and maybe even get an Eagle feather! 2.5hr - $109.00+tax/person


Ice Fishing & Aurora Packages

We offer 3 Aurora packages including our Aboriginal Aurora Package which includes our very popular Aboriginal Ice Fishing Tour, a genuine Aboriginal (and delicious) experience! We offer service in English, Cantonese, Korean and Mandarin. Email us for more information, ask about our Discounts and Specials.

Yellowknife's Best City Tour (June 15 - October 07)

Learn about Yellowknife. As lifelong residents we can offer you a unique personal insight into Yellowknife and its colorful history. 1.5hr - $79.00+tax/person

Waterfall Nature Hike

Enjoy the wilderness of northern Canada, the trees, the plants and clean fresh air! Relax at the scenic waterfalls after a 30 minutes hike thru the woods. 4.0hr - $109.00+tax/person

Yellowknife's Best Aurora Hunting Tours (August 07 - October 07)

We will go to different locations to find the best Aurora for you. We will take FREE professional photos of you and Aurora. Average tour size 15-20 guests. 4.0hrs - $109.00+tax

(867) 446-2900 or (867) 445-3096

Yellowknife Tours

About Yellowknife Tours
Come experience world-class Aurora Borealis viewing in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. We are the only guides in the Northwest Territories to offer services in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. With over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, our award-winning guides will make you feel at home in the far North. We’d love to show you the North!

867- 444-8179

Great Slave Lake Tours

Watch the sun setting on the horizon as you observe the commercial fishing nets being checked for fish. Feast on a freshly cooked fish dinner accompanied by other local and traditional foods and drinks.

Experience the long nights under the Aurora Borelis and spend the night in a cozy cabin on the vast and beautiful lake.A Great Slave Lake adventure for everyone who enjoys the serenity of the northern winter and the outdoors.

•Transportation by Bombardier/max. 8 persons per Bombardier
•2 heated Cabins/each sleeps 4 persons
•Bedding and Towels provided
•Food and Housekeeping provided
•Fishing Gear provided


Fishing Day Trips

Day trips from 2-7 hours on Great Slave Lake. Sport fishing, see the commercial fishery. Mid-June to Mid-October, half day to a week. Sightseeing, photography, naturalist. Prices start at $150.00/person.


Some wildlife viewing is available in winter for foxes, wolves, coyotes, as well as some birds. In summer: ravens, crows, gulls, pelicans, eagles and small birds. Call for more details.

​Canoeing and Kayaking

We can arrange shuttle service to and from the East Arm area of Great Slave Lake. Call for more details. 867-875-8077

​Wildlife Viewing

Some wildlife viewing is available in winter for foxes, wolves, coyotes, as well as some birds. In summer: ravens, crows, gulls, pelicans, eagles and small birds. Call for more details.

​Water Travel

Boat rentals, charters available. Day trips from 2-7 hours on Great Slave Lake. Sport fishing, see the commercial fishery. Mid-June to mid-October, half day to a week. Sightseeing, photography, naturalist. We can arrange fish lunches for large groups. Please book in advance. Most summer and winter tours offer fresh fish dinners.

​Aurora Day Trips

Travel in style on Great Slave Lake in an eight passenger Bombardier snowmobile. Our Aurora tour heads out about five miles on the frozen ice of Great Slave Lake, far from the lights of town. It's a four hour tour, with the lights usually best around ten to midnight. Set up your camera and take photos to your heart's delight. Minimum two passengers. Winter commercial fishing demo includes a fish fry on the lake. Lake tours, ice heave viewing, sightseeing, Aurora viewing. Overnight accomodations available in 12' x 16' heated tent camps on the lake. Various locations available. Mid-December through mid-April. We'll package a trip for you. Rates start $120 CAD.

(867) 875-8077

Blachford Lake Lodge

At Blachford Lake Lodge, the land is our home. Our only neighbours are the wind, the water and the trees. There are no clocks, no schedules, no rules - you determine the activity. Sunbathe on the shore's edge, take a rejuvenating sauna, challenge yourself to a vigorous ski, or revel in the thrill of the catch. Do nothing, or do it all!

Blachford Lake is the north's foremost, multi-season, backcountry lodge. Our spacious post and beam log lodge is a careful blend of contemporary rustic charm, yet with all the modern comforts. Our friendly, attentive staff take pride in bringing you excellent service. Blachford Lake is located 95 kilometers east of Yellowknife, a short 20-minute flight by charter float plane in the summer and ski-equipped plane in the winter.

(867) 873-3303

Willow Ridge Retreat

Willow Ridge Retreat is a small family operated business.  We make our year round home next to our year round Willow Ridge Retreat.   We love living here and are excited to share this privilege with you.

We love it, we live it, we invite you in it!

Amenities - Off the Grid Accommodations!

Willow Ridge Retreat offers a unique experience of living off the grid at 62*N with conscious thought of our environment.  Guests may be pleasantly surprised how comfortable living with renewable solar and wind energy, supplemented with mechanically generated power, can be. Guests will be invited to participate in energy and water conservation, composting, and recycling. The guesthouse is fully equipped with running water, flush toilet, and shower.  Guests need only bring their own food supplies and personal items.  All bedding is provided. The kitchen equipment includes a medium sized fridge and a full sized stove with oven. The main guesthouse has 5 bedrooms, and can sleep 10 guests; there is also a small cabin beside the main guesthouse which can sleep 2. 

Total Immersion in the Great Outdoors

Surrounded by ice, rock ridges, northern boreal forest, and the vast starry skies during extended dark nights in winter, Willow Ridge Retreat is the perfect place for watching the Aurora Borealis, skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, or having afternoon tea in a canvas tent on the lake ice.

Surrounded by lake, river, rock ridges, northern boreal forest, and the vast blue skies, under our midnight sun in summer, Willow Ridge Retreat is the perfect place for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating, or bird-watching.

Surrounded by rock ridges, northern boreal forest, and vast skies in all seasons, Willow Ridge Retreat is the perfect place for trekking through backwoods trails, photography, reflection, writing, drawing, reading, building and strengthening relationships, resting, soul seeking, absorbing beauty from surrounding nature, and always: wonder.

Please contact us as you are making your plans to discuss which seasonal activities we are currently sponsoring.

Visit our Facebook page at

(867) 920-2019

Aurora Ninja Photo Tour

Aurora photography tours for groups of 20 or less, available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Our tours offer specialized knowledge in aurora photography. We don't just photograph the aurora for you; we teach you how to do it yourself and capture amazing photographs of the northern lights. Tours depart at 11 pm, returning at 3 am. We can pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. During the day, we also offer tours of the city for 2 hours.

Aurora photography tours are $95 per person, while the City tours are $65 per person. 

Package tours are also available. See the company website for more details.




867-688-8884 or 867-445-6688

Aurora Dream Tours

The true north  is a majestic place where you can make your dream to come true.

Our professional tour guides will take you on Aurora Viewing, City Tours, Ice Fishing, Dog Sledding, Snowmobiling, and Snowshoeing adventures, so you will discover the north in an exciting way.

We provide photo services and offer services in mandarin, cantonese and English.

(867) 444-3888 / (867) 445-8898

Arctic Tours Canada

Why us?

Everyone needs a vacation, and we all need a check mark on our bucket list and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Canada, should be one of them. Beside our freezing winters and 24 hours day light in summer, Yellowknife offers breath taking aurora borealis also known as northern lights. At Arctic Tours Canada we make it possible for back-packers to travel and explore 

spectacular Northwest Territories at affordable prices. Call us and we work with you to get affordable arctic adventures.

At Arctic Tours Canada, we are focused on providing topnotch tour packages for your family and friends with the highest levels of customer satisfaction; in addition, we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of Tours to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. We work with many other tour operating companies in Yellowknife and Northern Canada to make sure you as a customer have the best deal and on top of them all you enjoy your vacation. We look forward to show you around spectacular Northwest Territories. 

Our list of tours we custom make for you; aurora borealis hunting, dog sledding, hiking, horse back riding, ice fishing, wildlife "bison/buffalo" and Yellowknife City tours. 

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you this aurora season. Check back later for new updates and special discounts from some of our tour packages. Check our Facebook page for weekly discounts.

867-446-7335 / 867-444-9885

Sonny Aurora Tours

Do you want to see Aurora? We can help you. Do you want yo know Yellowknife & enjoy? We can help you.
Contact us.

(867) 445-0151

The Aurora Borealis Experience

Why Choose Us !


Plain and simple, here at The Aurora Borealis Experience we are 100% committed to you seeing the aurora. We are very flexible and will do everything we can to make your trip a successful one. Customer experience is our strong point. No detail is too big or small for us—from the moment you get off the plane, our attention is focused on you. We have a team of bilingual guides from many cultural back grounds, so no matter what language you speak we’ll have you covered.


Our Philosophy


The Aurora Borealis Experience is about forging new experiences with nature, culture and fellow travellers. We are passionate about outdoor adventure, the Canadian North, and the amazing Aurora Borealis—and we want to share it with the world! Every day, our team of service professionals go to work with the utmost respect and appreciation for nature, and we strive to curate a memorable and safe travel experience for you.


Capture the Moment


Photographing the Aurora is not easy, but with the help of our professional guides we can help you capture the experience on video and camera like a pro!. We’ll set you up with expert viewing tips and one-on-one instructions; and you can share your memories instantly with friends and family back home when you use our in cabin WiFi and souvenir photofinishing.


The Right Place at the Right Time


Yellowknife, NWT is the best place on earth to experience the wonder of the Aurora Borealis. Seeing the aurora is very dependent on clear skies, so we only offer tours during times of the year that have the best weather. From August and September and December through April, we hosts travellers from all corners of the globe to experience the aurora and Northern adventure travel. Our Cabin is located on private property in a prime area; from 300ft above Prelude Lake you can watch the aurora light up the sky in the remote wilderness outside of Yellowknife. There is a clearing on our property so you can enjoy a private view of the night sky, totally unaffected by city lights.


Hello Aurora

최적의 오로라 관측 도시

Yellowknife는 Canada의 10개 주, 3개의 준주 가운데 Northwest 준주의 약 4만 인구 중 약 2만이 거주하는 준주의 수도로 북위 약 62도에 위치한다.

Canada 내륙 깊숙히 위치해서 건조하고 맑은 날씨가 많은 이유로 미 항공 우주국(NASA)은 오로라 관측이 가능한 세계의 모든 도시 중 Yellowknife를 가장 최적의 도시로 선정하였다.


환상의 밤 하늘

태양 활동으로 방출된 하전 물질이 지구 자기장에 의해 지구의 양 극지방으로 끌려들고, 일종의 타원형 띠를 형성하게 된다.

이 띠를 형성한 태양 하전 물질이 지구 대기층의 공기 분자와 충돌, 에너지를 방출하며, 다양한 색과 모양의 빛을 방출하는데,이 현상을 Aurora라고한다.

(867) 445-9088

Sean Norman - Aurora Chaser

Welcome to the most mystical of evenings north of 60°. Here you'll find the forever magic of the aurora chase - focused on photography, a little bit of astronomy, in the cosiest small group.